Tripoli Wastewater Treatment Plant


Ministry of Energy and Water

Role of BUTEC

European Investment Bank (EIB) for process Lebanese Government for civil works


Council for Development & Reconstruction (CDR)


Contractor for civil & MEP works and installation of process equipment Contractor for process: Degrémont, subsidiary of “Groupe Suez”, France

Scope of Work

EPC for civil works and electro- mechanical installation as well as erection of all equipment.

Project Description

  • Population equivalent: 1,000,000 PE
  • Total daily design flow: 135,000 m3/d
  • Design peak flow: 9,263 m3/h
  • 3 phases of treatment: Pre-treatment, biological treatment and UV sterilization
  • 120,000 m2 of plant area, out of which 40,000 m2 is reclaimed land
  • 4,500 m of assorted pipework, DN 300 to DN 1,800
  • A total of 30 structures for process and facilities including construction of reinforced concrete aeration tank with a capacity of 41,368 m3, 6 clarifiers with the capacity of7,827 m3 each
  • 2,500 drawings and technical documents
  • 14,500 m2 of roads and 55,000 m2 of landscaping and green areas
  • 734 m sea breakwater
  • Treatment of the heterogeneous soil (compressible layer of clay from 3 to 30 m thick):
    • 10,000 pre-drilling of 8 to 20 m deep holes (wick drains)
    • 3,000 dynamic compaction points using a 15-ton load dropped by a 40 m crane
    • 1,000,000 m3 of earth works and general fill
  • 40,000 m3 of concrete works
  • 5,000 tons of reinforcement steel bars
  • 90,000 m2 of formwork
  • Design and construction of non- process electrical works for all structures & buildings: low voltage equipment, complete plant lighting, lightning protection, earthing protection, telephone system,and fire alarm system
  •  12 transformers (1,600 kVA, 2,000 kVA, 3,150 kVA)