Treated Water Sea Outfalls for Wastewater Treatment Plants


Ministry of Energy and Water

Delegated Employer

Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)

Role of BUTEC

Main contractor in JV with Land & Marine for Tripoli’s Sea Outfall Main contractor for Civil and Sea Outfall Works for Jbeil, Batroun and Chekka

Commencement Date

2005 – Chekka
2008 – Tripoli
2009 – Jbeil
2010 – Batroun

Completion Date

2006 – Chekka
2009 – Tripoli
2010 – Jbeil
2011 – Batroun

Scope of Work

EPC on turnkey basis including testing, commissioning and maintenance for 4 sea outfalls to discharge treated water offshore into the sea.

Although the UV tertiary treatment ensures the elimination of pathogenic agents, a model simulating the discharge dilution using CORMIX-GI was developed in order to protect the frontal coast from any risk of pollution. CORMIX-GI is a program approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The simulation methodology was adopted in optimizing the proposed outfall to assure appropriate dilution rates that meet MED POL II seawater quality standards, which are consistent with the standards disseminated by the Ministry of Environment Decree (1/52).

Projects in Figures

Length1,200 m1,475 m910 m760 m
TypeGRP SN 5000HDPE, SDR 26PE100HDPE, SDR 26PE100HDPE, SDR 26PE100
DN300 mm1 600 mm500 mm350 mm
Under Seabed Submersion1.5 m1 m2 m2 m
End Suction Diffuser Length20 m175 m75 m17.5 m
Diffuser Risers3, DN 200 mm16, DN 700 mm16, DN 500 mm8, DN 110 mm
Reinforced Concrete BallastsThrust block at each direction changeCollar every 2 mCollar every 5 mCollar every 5 m