South Bekaa Irrigation Project


Litani River Authority

Role of BUTEC

World Bank


Main contractor


June 1998

Scope of Work

EPC and rehabilitation of various structures, hydraulic and electro- mechanical equipment, irrigation networks, electrical substations, high and medium power supplies, transmission and monitoring networks, pumping stations, water reservoirs, main supply canal, deep water wells, water level (control and measuring structures) service roads, office building, workshop and store yard, and installation of all equipment.

Project Description

  • Rehabilitation of Karoun main pumping station downstream from the Karoun dam
  • Reconstruction of 66 kV overhead supply line and electrical substation
  • Concrete lining of the 14.4 km long existing main supply canal
  • Rehabilitation of the Karoun secondary pumping stations, Karoun 1 and Karoun 2, with their delivery pipelines, elevated water storage tanks and irrigation networks serving an areaof 700 ha
  • Construction of a 4.4 km extension of the main supply canal, and 18 km of service road
  • Construction of Joub-Jannine pumping station
  • Drilling of 5 deep water wells, up to 220 m deep
  • Construction of office building, workshop and storage yard
  • Installation of a remote supervision and monitoring system