QAIA North Runway Rehabilitation


AIG - Airport International Group, Amman, Jordan

Role of BUTEC

Main contractor in JV With Al Tarawneh


October 2015


June 2017

Scope of Work

EPC and renovation of the pavement including associated electromechanical systems of the north runway at the new Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.

Works are bounded by the 4,080 m x 300 m runway strip plus two 240 m x 150 m runway end safety areas (RESAs) beyond each end of the runway strip. In addition, the full extent of both approach lighting systems is also part of the scope of the project, with associated implications to the functionality of the systems.

Project Description

The works are divided into 6 main areas:

  • Runway paved areas (runway, runway shoulders and stopways) – 297,000 m2approximately
  • Graded portion of the runway strip – 289,000 m2 approximately
  • Runway end safety areas – 72,000 m2 approximately
  • Non-graded portion of the runway strip – 586,000 m2 approximately
  • Taxiway paved areas – 52,000 m2 approximately
  • Airfield lighting systems: these systems are composed mainly of lights, bases, primary and secondary cables, transformers, remote and master control units, constant current regulators, and approach lighting masts