QAIA Fuel Hydrant System Project


AIG – Airport International Group

Role of BUTEC

Main contractor


January 2011


July 2015

Scope of Work

Construction of the fuel hydrant network for the new Queen Alia International Airport in Amman including the emergency fuel shut down system EFSO and the leak detection system, tightness monitoring system (TMS), together with all electrical, mechanical, and civil works.
The emergency fuel shut down system and leak detection system was subcontracted to Hansaconsult GmbH.

Project Description

  • Laying of fuel pipe network, 9,000 m long, of 16” seamless specially coated pipes, with 1,000 m of 20” double encasement pipes under taxiways, and all related accessories, link seals heat shrink sleeves and pipes cathodic protection.
  • Supply and installation of 100 fuel hydrants, outlet Ø1.5”.
  • Supply and installation of 11 double block and bleed valves with actuators, 3” drain and vent ball valves.
  • Civil works including excavation, backfill, concrete and asphalt saw cutting, reinstatement of concrete aprons, construction of valve pits with sections of 6.5 m x 4.5 m, most of which are 6.5 m deep.
  • Installation of 2 km of control cables