Port of Beirut Second Line Defense


POB (Port of Beirut)

Role of BUTEC

Washington Defense Division of URS Corporation, Cleveland


Main contractor


February 2010


Scope of Work

The scope of work includes conceptual design, procurement and installation of the radiation portal monitors (RPM), including related works such as earthworks, pavement, foundations, electrical work, collision protection, structural support for the enclosures, security, traffic controls and modifications to the existing electrical infrastructure. The scope of work also includes power and communication cables to the detection system (i.e., monitors, central alarm station, etc.).

Project Description

• Construction, distribution systems and installation are in compliance with U.S. codes and standards

• A traffic control plan, including key plan drawing of traffic flow, was set prior to mobilization

• A quality control plan (QCP) and a health & safety plan (H&S) were prepared prior to mobilization

• Coordination with U.S. government engineers and with the port authorities