Ohanet Station Condensate Storage Tank



Role of BUTEC

Main contractor in consortium with Rym Sekoura


January 2009


July 2011

Project Description

  • One storage tank (floating roof, double deck) for condensate
    •  Internal diameter: 57 m, Height: 17m, Nominal volume 35,000m3
    •  1,000 tons of steel plates conformant to ASTM and API 650
    •  Welding procedures according to ASME and American Welding Society norms & code
    •  Non destructive testing according to API 650 and ASME codes
    •  Provisions for identical future tank
  • Distribution pipework according to ASME and API standards
    • 300 tons of steel pipes conformant to API Gr.x 52 and Gr. B
    • Filling pipes: Ø 36, 30 & 24”
    • Emptying pipes: Ø 24”
    • Underground piping system with cathodic protection
  •  Fire fighting system as per NFPA standards with fire hydrant network serving the site and the following systems for storage tank(s):
    • Automatic fire detection system including a linear heat detection cable, IR flame detectors on the rim, and gas detectors inside retention dike
    • Automatic spray water cooling system
    • Automatic discharge foam system with rim mounted foam pourers
  • Supply of trunnion mounted ball valves, with Rotork actuators, sizes 36”, 30”, 24”, 20”, 16” &10”
  • Process instrumentation system
    •  Level gauging system
    •  Temperature monitoring system
    •  Inventory system of tank farm
    •  Mechanical level gauging system
    •  Remote monitoring from control room of motorized valves
  • Lightning protection and earthing systems
  • Infrastructure works: internal roads, new dikes & concrete lining for existing dikes, external lighting, peripheral fence, drainage system