Mahlissa & Laklouk Agricultural Development Plan



Role of BUTEC

Main contractor


Phase I: 1995 Phase II: 2012


Phase I: 2001 Phase II: 2015

Scope of Work

  • Construction of 7 lakes with capacities from 60,000 m3 to 350,000 m3
  • Gravity drainage system in the basaltic formations Mahlissa tray on 250 ha (length of 11 300 m)
  • Pressurized irrigation system (drip and sprinkler) with 7 pumping stations; each station comprises of two groups of pump power varying from60 kW to 125 kW
  • Bypass channel that feeds the hill lakes from El Nabaa Kalhab
  • Transformation of arid land into fertile land for agriculture, an area of 250 ha