Lusail Marina District Cooling Plant


Marafeq Qatar L.L.C.

Scope of Work

EPC contract on turnkey basis for a district cooling plant with a capacity of 33 250 TR (Phase I) at Marina District in Lusail.

Project Description

  • The plant is built in two phases,
    Phase 1: 33,250 TR
    Phase 2: 58,750 TR
  • Engineering for the ultimate plant with installed cooling capacity of 92,000 TR
  • Construction of the entire civil works for the basement for the ultimate plant capacity 92,000 TR
  • Supply and installation of Phase 1 chillers with the aggregate installed cooling capacity of 33,250 TR, together with required mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment and services
  • Twelve 11 kV feeders with a total capacity of 43 MVA. (Electrical service for Phase I)
  • Booster pumps are installed in the plant to push water from the north to the south
  • Water cooled electric centrifugal chillers installed on grade level
  •  Space for thermal energy storage installed on grade level
  • Cooling towers installed on roof level
  • Pipe, valves, pumps, and other mechanical components
  • Distribution network pumps with space allocated for pumps required for the ultimate plant capacity
  • Instrumentation, control and monitoring systems
  • Electrical services for mechanical equipment
  • Below ground water storage for cooling tower makeup
  • Connections to distribution network
  • Building services such as plumbing, drainage, HVAC, fire protection, lighting, telecommunications, security, etc.
  • Utility connections (electricity, water, blowdown, sewage, and telecommunications)