Lusail Marina District Cooling Plant


Marafeq Qatar L.L.C.

Role of BUTEC

Main contractor in JV with ADC Energy Systems LLC


October 2013


March 2017

Scope of Work

EPC contract on turnkey basis for a district cooling plant with a capacity of 33 250 TR (Phase I) at Marina District in Lusail.

Project Description

  • The plant is built in two phases,
    Phase 1: 33,250 TR
    Phase 2: 58,750 TR
  • Engineering for the ultimate plant with installed cooling capacity of 92,000 TR
  • Construction of the entire civil works for the basement for the ultimate plant capacity 92,000 TR
  • Supply and installation of Phase 1 chillers with the aggregate installed cooling capacity of 33,250 TR, together with required mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment and services
  • Twelve 11 kV feeders with a total capacity of 43 MVA. (Electrical service for Phase I)
  • Booster pumps are installed in the plant to push water from the north to the south
  • Water cooled electric centrifugal chillers installed on grade level
  • ¬†Space for thermal energy storage installed on grade level
  • Cooling towers installed on roof level
  • Pipe, valves, pumps, and other mechanical components
  • Distribution network pumps with space allocated for pumps required for the ultimate plant capacity
  • Instrumentation, control and monitoring systems
  • Electrical services for mechanical equipment
  • Below ground water storage for cooling tower makeup
  • Connections to distribution network
  • Building services such as plumbing, drainage, HVAC, fire protection, lighting, telecommunications, security, etc.
  • Utility connections (electricity, water, blowdown, sewage, and telecommunications)