Lattakia Spinning Mill Complex Project I – II


Ministry of Industry In Syria

Role of BUTEC

GOTI (General Organization for Textile Industries)


Main contractor in consortium with PECO GmbH


Project I: September 1993 Project II: May 1997

Scope of Work

EPC of civil works, industrial plant utilities and related networks, as well as erection of all process equipment.

Project Description

  • Mill annual capacity: 27,000 tons of combed & carded cotton
  • Total site area: 420,000 m2
  • Total built area: 147,000 m2, including 115,000 m2 of metallic pre-engineered buildings
  • Roads and parking areas: 68,000 m2
  • 20 km of reinforced concrete channels (200 cm wide × 300 cm high) for underground return air
  • 20 kV/400 V electrical sub-station with 18 2500 kVA transformers, ring main units, including incoming / outgoing MV cubicles and metering / protection MV cubicles
  • 19 built-up air handling plants with air filters, air washers and heat exchangers; cooling capacity 1,760 kW each
  • Industrial heating plant: 2,000 kW
  • Water collection and storage utility, with river water intake structure: 4×6” pumps, capacity 120 m3/h each, 6 deep wells, capacity 100 m3/h each, and a water storage reservoir of 3,500 m3
  • Water treatment and softening plants (filtration, decantation, flocculation): capacity 36 m3/h

  • Air plants, 4×16 m3/min for process and 4×8 m3/min for cleaning network, with all ancillaries including filters, dryers, receivers and distribution networks
  • Fire fighting system, with fire pumping station (216 m3/hr), fire hydrants network for site protection, hose reels for production areas and sprinkler system in all stores  (includes fire brigade equipment)
  • Underground drainage network: 15 km

  • Surface concrete channels for rain water drainage: 20 km
  •  Sewage treatment plant 100 m3/d, with primary and secondary treatment