Kizad Zone Aluminum Extrusion Plant


TALEX – Taweelah Aluminium Extrusion Company LLC

Role of BUTEC

Main contractor


November 2013


June 2016

Scope of Work

Value engineering, design, procurement & construction of an aluminum plant, associated infrastructure, ancillary buildings, as well as erection of all process equipment. TALEX is an Estidama project – Pearl II rating.|
The scope of work includes process, non-process buildings and site works as follows:


Cast house building, extrusion building, entrance building, delivery gate building, visitor gate building, substation buildings, MV switchgear room, compressor room.

Site Works:

Underground process tank; piezometric tank; landscaping & external areas; fences; R/C works (trenches, thrustblocks, platforms, etc.); mechanical systems and electrical systems.

Project Description

  • Presses annual capacity: 87,600,000 tons of extruded aluminum profiles.
  • Total site area: 200,100 m2.
  • Total built-up area: 67,194 m2.
Civil Works:
  • Pre-engineered buildings: 63,382 m2.
  • External works
    • Road works & pavement: 58,330 m2.
    • Green areas: 26,580 m2.
  • LPG concrete channels: 2,081 m3.
  • Concrete buildings: 28,300 m3.
  • Dynamic compaction: 127,170 m2.
  • Piling:
    • 449 piles of 100 cm diameter (4 600 m3).
    • 62 piles of 90 cm diameter (550 m3).
  • Mechanical Works:
    • HVAC system: rooftop packages, DX units and wind driven ventilators.
    • Wet systems:
      • Fire fighting: 2,500 GPM pumping room, serving hydrants, reels & sprinklers.
      • Water: storage and pumping for process, chilled, domestic and irrigation systems.
      • Drainage: sewage and storm water piping and pumping.
    • Compressed air system: 3,000 m3/h demand, provided by 3 compressors 160 kW each.
    • Natural gas system: 300 m3 underground storage, provided with pumping and distribution networks.
    • Process water cooling: 4 chillers 1,171 kW each, cooling towers 49 l/s each.
    • Electrical Works:
      • MV/LV distribution network: 32.33 MW plant including 6 substations with 23 1.5 MVA transformers.
      • Building services including lighting, small power, lightning, earthing and ELV systems.