Djelfa, Mecheria, Mostaganem Wastewater Treatment Plants


Ministry of Hydraulic Resources
National Office for Sanitation (ONA)

Role of BUTEC

Main Contractor in consortium with:
OTV subsidiary of VEOLIA for Djelfa
COMSA for Mecheria
Mennani for Mostaganem

Commencement Date

March 2009 – Djelfa
February 2011 – Mecheria
January 2014 – Mostaganem

Completion Date

July 2014 – Djelfa
January 2014 – Mecheria
December 2016 – Mostaganem

Scope of Work

EPC for civil works, as well as installation of the various process & utility networks, and erection of all equipment for Djelfa, and Mecheria wastewater treatment plants. In Mostaganem it covered architectural, civil, & electromechanical works for process and non-process as well as testing and commissioning of the plant, in addition to management and operation for a period of two years starting with the date of the preliminary acceptance.

Projects In Figures

Popuation Equivalent270,000 PE92,000 PE350,000 PE
Total Daily Design Flow36,300 m3/d12,880 m3/d56,000 m3/d
Design Peak Flow2,360 m3/h915 m3/h3,735 m3/h
Hydraulic Concrete Structures112017