Distribution Network with Customer and Metering Services


Ministry of Energy and Water Electricité du Liban (EDL)

Scope of Work

Network survey
  • Assessing the condition of all assets
  • Developing network mapping
  • Network inventory
  • Plans & programs
  • Developing procedures for each of the activities to be performed in the execution of the contact
  • Developing an investment plan to improve the state of the network based on the survey findings
  • Planning & design
  • Revision of existing MV and LV networks to identify network bottlenecks and advise of necessary re-enforcement schemes
  • Network re-configuration and schemes for power flow optimization
  • Thorough mapping of the network
  • Design of substations, overhead lines and underground cables
  • Design of distribution network protection schemes
  • New connections to customers
  • Construction of new distribution facilities
  • Providing new connections to MV and LV customers
  • Construction of indoor and outdoor MV/LV substations
  • Extension of the MV and LV overhead networks
  • Extension of the MV and LV underground networks
  • Operations & maintenance
  • Efficient operation of the MV and LV distribution network
  • Availability and reliability of the distribution network
  • Minimizing unplanned interruption
  • Responding to customer-related operational and emergency requests
  • Public and staff safety
  • Advanced metering infrastructure

    Roll-out of an advanced metering infrastructure for remote operation of MV and LV meters including:

  • Remote reading
  • Remote connection
  • Remote disconnection
  • Etc.
  • Using power line carrier technology for communication between meters and data concentrator units (DCUs) installed next to MV/LV substations.

    Customer services
  • Managing and analyzing all customer complaints
  • Responding to customer related operational requests
  • Informing the responsible parties to dispatch the technical teams in order to perform the necessary fault isolation and power restoration
  • Meter reading & bill collection
  • Meter reading management
  • Collection of bills issued by EDL
  • Maintaining detailed records of customer bill collection and accounts receivable
  • Identifying and recording all outstanding accounts
  • Reporting all non-paying customers and performing disconnect and re-connect activities
  • Generation of relevant indices related to meter reading, collection management and quality of service
  • Non-technical losses reduction
  • Monitoring & analyzing of non- technical losses by region
  • Setting & performing procedure for violations discovery
  • Detection and disconnection of illegal connections
  • Project Description

    • Territory covered 3,000 km2
    • 520,000 customers
    • 2,000,000 inhabitants
    • 850 employees
    • 6,000 km of MV overhead network
    • 12,000 km of LV overhead network
    • 700 km of MV underground network
    • 500 km of LV underground network
    • 6,000 MV/LV substations