Design and Construct Chemical Offloading Bays and Railway Crossover Bridge


Al Hosn Gas (Abu Dhabi Gas Development Company Limited)

Role of BUTEC

Main contractor





Scope of Work

BUTEC was tasked to design and build extension and enhancement works at the Shah Gas Sulphur recovery live plant to increase the safety and efficiency of the plant’s critical operations.

Project Description

  • Chemical Unloading:

The objective is to safely and securely discharge Biocide and Surfactant from an ISO container (24,000L) delivered upon a lorry into the respective Chemical storage tanks (40,000 L capacity) within the Chemical injection Packages.

The scope included the supply and installation of air-operated double diaphragm type chemical unloading pumps in PDVF/ Teflon diaphragm with piping and standard accessories

  • Railway Crossover Bridge:

The objective is to provide a Railway Over Bridge to the Northside of the tracks at the Sulphur Loading Facility with a retractable access platform made of structural steel, to enable safe access of the operators to the Northside of the railway when a train is in station and to enable safe access to the top of the railway carriage for Sulphur redistribution activity.

The scope included the design and construction of a structural steel crossover bridge running above the “live” Etihad railway line. The scope includes the supply and installation of the special mechanical system for handling of sulfur as well as the installation of explosion-proof CCTV system.