Aspire Zone TSE Plant by Reverse Osmosis


ASPIRE Zone Foundation

Role of BUTEC

Main contractor in consortium with Degrémont, subsidiary of “Groupe Suez”, France


April 2015


February 2017

Scope of Work

EPC for civil works and installation of process equipment in addition to testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance for treated sewer effluent (TSE) water supplied by ASHGHAL and water coming from Aspire ground water network.

  • TSE maximum inlet flow: 33,000 m3/d
  • TSE maximum outlet flow: 18,750 m3/d

The project aims at improving the water consumption sustainability by minimizing the dependence on KAHRAMAA potable water for major consumption areas like the irrigation system and cooling purposes. The water should be polished in a reverse osmosis (RO) treatment plant to remove the large majority of contaminants, sediment, suspended particulate matter, viruses and pathogens. The water parameters should be refined in order to meet the requirements and guidelines of WHO for the safe use of wastewater in agriculture.