Ain Tsila Development Project, MEI & Telecom Works Package


Petrofac (Main Contractor) Groupement Isarène (Client)

Role of BUTEC

Subcontractor to Petrofac


February 2020


November 2022

Scope of Work

  1. Construction Works
  2. Installation, Testing & pre-commissioning of MEI Works
  • Piping above ground & underground (Ag & Ug) pipe laying works
    • Steel Piping (~134,808 Inch Dia Welding; ~ 200,000 LM)
    • GRP Piping (~33,614 Inch Dia Bell & Spigot; ~ 35,402 LM)
  • Static Equipment (~4,857 Tons)
  • Rotating Equipment (~3,676 Tons)
  • Steel Structure (~5,000 Tons)
  • Pipe Supports (~204 Tons)
  • Electrical (1,462 Tons of Electrical Equipment, ~1,261,952 LM of cables)
  • Cathodic protection (~27,650 LM of cables)
  • Instrumentation (~458,303 LM of cables)
  • Telecom Works (~107,600 LM of cables)
  • Insulation (~41,087 M2)
  • Painting (~15,575 M2)
  1. Installation, Testing & pre-commissioning of 10 tanks
  2. Construction of Temporary Facilities including Subcontractor’s camp
  3. Procurement
  4. Consumables, tools & construction equipment
  5. Supports, paint, coating, insulation, Cladding & material for hydro testing/flushing
  6. Third Party Testing (Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation)
  7. Manpower Assistance in Commissioning


Project Description
The “Ain Tsila Development Project – MEI & TELECOM WORKS” Package shall ensure that the permanent works shall be capable of collecting, transporting, receiving and treating a minimum of 12 million standard cubic meters per day (Sm3/d) of “wet” natural gas from the initial well stock and deliver a minimum of 10.3 Sm3/d of dry gas, approximately 1800t/d of condensate to the relevant delivery points, all such product streams conforming to the specification as detailed in the design.Ain Tsila Development project consists of the development and exploitation of natural gas/condensate reservoirs located in the Illizi basin in the eastern part of the Sahara Desert in south-east Algeria.