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Partnership between BUTEC Group and ESA Business School

ESA Business School and BUTEC Group, a diversified group operating in the sectors of Construction, Industrial, Environmental, and Energies Services, are pleased to announce their partnership for the launch of the “Leadership & Executive Acceleration Program” aiming at supporting the management teams of BUTEC in strengthening their leadership skills and overall performance.

 The partnership agreement was signed on Monday, May 8th at the ESA Business School campus located in Clemenceau, in the presence of:

  • Ziad Younes, Chairman of the Board of BUTEC Group
  • Maxence Duault, General Director of ESA Business School

This program has been carefully designed and developed over several months by BUTEC and ESA Business School teams, with the aim of providing tailor-made trainings that specifically address the identified and expressed needs of a rapidly expanding group.

The partners’ objective is to upscale the Leadership and Management competencies of BUTEC Leaders and foster synergy based on collective intelligence within teams through trainings delivered by top-notch professors and international experts from ESA Business School.

Mr. Maxence Duault expressed his pride in standing alongside a rapidly growing group such as BUTEC. He emphasized the ability of Mr. Ziad Younes and his teams to always move forward and seize opportunities to get through the crisis with dynamism and commitment. Mr. Duault expressed his satisfaction in supporting the impressive international expansion of this Lebanese group through leveraging the expertise and know-how of the Executive Education department of ESA. He focused on the real value of tackling the human dimension in the trainings content, which is also the hallmark of ESA: “Behind all successful groups experiencing financial growth, there is a strong human dimension that must be taken into account and continuously worked on“. Mr. Maxence Duault finally thanked Mr. Ziad Younes for his trust and assured him of the availability and continuous support of his teams throughout the process and of their ability to demonstrate agility and adaptability to meet evolving needs during the program.

Mr. Ziad Younes also expressed his satisfaction in signing this agreement with such a reputable business school. BUTEC Group’s ambition is to anticipate the changes and the needs of the company in order to maintain a competitive and innovative leadership position in the market. Mr. Younes highlighted the trust underlying this agreement and stated that he considered this partnership as “a marriage, meaning a long-term union that will generate a great value to the entire ecosystem in which we operate.


ESA Business School is a renowned management school which trains the leaders of tomorrow and which, beyond its degree courses, houses an “Executive Education” department dedicated to tailor-made support for professionals and companies based on their areas of expertise and needs. The strength of ESA’s teams lies in their experience and know-how, gained through over 20 years of working with professionals.

Their approach emphasizes quality and agility, aiming to address clients’ specific challenges by offering unique and innovative solutions. They are committed to ensuring client satisfaction by designing programs based on shared objectives. ESA selects the best professors and international experts from its extensive network to provide cutting-edge training that reflects the latest management trends and innovations.


BUTEC is a multinational group that, over its 60-year history, has successfully consolidated its position as a regional leader, particularly in the fields of construction, engineering, logistics, and related services in the MENA and GCC regions. With over 6,000 employees spread across several countries and a track record of major and complex projects, BUTEC has distinguished itself in a competitive market through its solid expertise, innovative approach, and focus on customer satisfaction, which are key elements of its long-term success.

Recently, the BUTEC Group acquired 17 energy services companies operating in 15 African countries, with around 2,000 employees, previously owned by the global energy player ENGIE Group. These companies specialize in multi-technical services related to energy efficiency, electromechanical installations, and maintenance.

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