Completion of UMM QASR POWER PLANT Project

BUTEC is proud to announce the commencement of operations at Umm Qasr Power Plant. The project, located in Basra Governate in Iraq, was awarded to the company in 2019 for design, construction, procurement, installation and commissioning.

The newly inaugurated power plant will now be able to provide 24/7 power to the Umm Qasr Ports Authority Zone.

BUTEC was up for to the challenge and was able to deliver phase one in less than a year, a record time for the design and construction of this 29.34MW plant. The power plant is financed and operated by Menatech Energy Ltd, an entirely owned subsidiary of Prime Metro Power Holding. BUTEC scope of work covered overall turnkey design, procurement, construction, and commissioning of Umm Qasr Power Plant 29.3 MW based on reciprocating gas engines (3 x 20V34SG) in accordance with WARTSILA(FI)’s specifications and Employer’s requirements including the Power house, Electrical Building including LV, MV switchgears, Control Room, Electro-Mechanical
process and balance of plant services, comprising tanks, steel structures and concrete structures, administrative building, guard house, warehouse and workshop facilities, connection to the 40 bars Natural Gas pipeline through Gas Pressure Reducing Station and finally the Step-up transformer (60MVA – 11/33KV) and transmission lines connecting the plant to the existing General Company for Ports of Iraq (GCPI) substation.

Umm qasr was a noteworthy milestone, enriching our portfolio and promising new strategic projects to come in Iraq.

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