BUTEC prides itself on its in-house multidisciplinary engineering and design capabilities. This has been a hallmark of the firm since inception. The ability to create value engineering is a core part of the firm’s offering. It has empowered BUTEC with a strong competitive advantage while enabling the firm to offer its Clients more value-based solutions. Such solutions range from analysis of requirements to project execution, and include conception and design of turnkey projects, financial analysis, in-depth study and a selection of materials and methods.


BUTEC’s central procurement department is dedicated to providing the widest range of professional services to serve each of the company’s projects efficiently and effectively. The firm has strong relationships with both local and international suppliers. During any procurement process, close collaboration between the central procurement department and procurement officers at various branch offices abroad takes place to ensure prompt deliveries. The department also ensures that all procured materials, equipment and sub-contracted services match the Client’s specific quality and budget requirements.


Drawing on its considerable resources, expertise and talent, BUTEC confidently undertakes any job, in any location with unmatched proficiency. Leveraging the company’s solid foundation of technical capabilities, BUTEC excels at managing projects with the Client’s best interests in mind. The company’s expertise in construction and logistics as well as its well-established local presence in its various markets enables the prompt mobilization of equipment. This coupled with the skills of a highly qualified engineering team allows BUTEC to complete every project on time and within budget, while adding value at every level.


BUTEC has diversified into the services sector in order to further answer its Clients’ needs. BUTEC Utility Services (“BUS”) is envisioned to be a leading utility services provider in the MENA region. The firm currently owns capabilities in the power, water, oil and gas, industrial, waste, renewable energy, and other utility sectors.