Represented by its Chairman, Mr. Ziad Younes, BUTEC was honored to take part in the highly anticipated annual event of the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference from November 11 till 14,2019.

Titled “Creating Industry Partnerships to Maximize Operational and Commercial Value: in-country value or in-country added value”, Mr. Younes explained how backlash on globalization in the 1990s will lead to localization and local value in the 2020s.

Underlining the importance of such global economic disruption,
Mr. Younes’ presentation analyzed the essential role of in-country training. One successful example was that of Lebanon, where BUTEC set up a leading training academy and a utility services pedagogical center that resulted in more than 40 training topics delivered, 56000 manhours of training, 600 training sessions, and 1200 accreditations.
The success was resounding and earned the company an award for the “Best Social Development Deal” at the EMEA Finance Project Awards. Another BUTEC success story was in Algeria where all local laborers were trained through a professional training center on civil, finishing, mechanical and electrical works. The training was completed with on-site follow up by qualified instructors to ensure the application of learned theories.

In conclusion, Mr. Younes emphasized the fact that companies need to work on closing the skills gap between local workforce capabilities and international standards. This investment not only contributes to the economic development of local communities but is also an economically sound choice at the same time.

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