Since its foundation BUTEC has steadfastly built on its position as a leading contractor in the fields of construction, engineering, logistics and related services.

Throughout these more than 50 years of excellence BUTEC has earned an impeccable track record, delivering a wide variety of complex and innovative projects while distinguishing itself for its best practices in engineering, integrity and safety.



BUTEC prides itself on its in-house multidisciplinary engineering and design capabilities. This has been a hallmark of the firm since inception…


Our central procurement department is dedicated to providing the widest range of professional services to serve each of the company’s projects…


Drawing on its considerable resources, expertise and talent, BUTEC confidently undertakes any job, in any location with unmatched proficiency…


We have diversified into the services sector in order to answer our Clients’ needs. Our Utility Services is envisioned to be a leading utility services provider…



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